An old, unused vehicle is not only an eyesore in the driveway but can also sometimes be an unnecessary expense. However, an unused vehicle does not have to be all bad. You can positively use these vehicles by donating the car to a veteran charity or organization. If you are unfamiliar with this process and what it entails, learn how car donations for veterans help everyone involved. 

Donations in Action 

Many people are hesitant to donate their vehicles because they do not know how they will be used. Generally, donated cars are sold via an auction or to a used-car network for future sales. The proceeds of the sale are then used by the charity to fund veteran assistance programs ranging from educational services to housing to primary need care. 

No Judgement Zone

The condition of your vehicle does not matter. Vehicle donations are a no-judgment zone. Whether the vehicle is damaged, in a less-than-stellar condition, or inoperable, all donations are welcome to help deserving veterans access the services they need. 

Stress-Free Process

Fortunately, the donation process is stress-free. The organization you donate to will do all the hard work for you. Once you have scheduled a pickup, they will come to your home, load the vehicle up, and remove it from your property. All you have to do is determine when you want the retrieval company to arrive, and your work is finished. 

Tax Benefits

In addition to simply knowing that you have helped veterans, you may also be able to obtain a tax benefit for the donation. Once the vehicle is sold, you will be provided with tax documentation that reflects the vehicle's sale price. Remember that while all donations are tax-deductible, the amount that can be deducted and the tax benefit afforded will vary based on the vehicle's value and your personal tax situation. 

Vehicle Preparation

Should you decide to donate your vehicle, make sure you prepare the vehicle. Begin by removing any personal items from the vehicle, as it may be impossible to track the car down to retrieve them in the future. You also want to cancel any insurance policy you have on the vehicle and update the registration to reflect that you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. However, there is no need to clean or maintain the vehicle. 

If you have a vehicle to donate, be sure to contact an organization that can help facilitate this process. 

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