If you have an inoperable car that is not worth repairing, you may be looking at what options are available to you for getting rid of the car. There are companies out there that will pay cash for junk cars. These people typically do one of two things with the cars. First off, they take any useable parts off the car and sell those parts, or allow people at pick and pull lots to pull the usable parts off. Once a car has no usable parts remaining, the metal on the car can be sold to a metal recycler for current market value. This allows them to pay you for your junk car. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the amount of cash you can get out of your junk car. 

Consider Selling Parts Separately

One of the ways that you can maximize the amount of cash you can get for a junk car is to sell the usable parts yourself. For example, if the engine in your car is still operable, you may be able to get several hundred dollars for that part alone. It is important to note that parting out a car yourself can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, as you have to remove the parts from your vehicle. 

Have a Copy of the Title

Another tip that can help you to get the maximum amount of money out of a junk car is to have a copy of the title ready to go. Many cash for junk cars buyers will buy your car even if you do not have a pink slip or a copy of the title, as long as you can prove you are the owner. However, they have to turn around and get a copy of the title before they can legally sell the parts on the car or recycle the car. This means that they are storing the car and using their time to get a title. As such, many companies will give you less money if you do not have a title. 

Get Multiple Price Quotes

The last tip that may help you to maximize the amount of money you get for a junk car is to obtain multiple quotes for your car. Contact pick and pull lots in your area, local junk car buyers and national online junk car buyers. From there, compare the prices that you are offered to help you find the company that offers you the highest amount of money for your vehicle. 

If you have a junk car, selling the usable parts separately, obtaining a title before selling the car to a cash for junk cars buyer, and obtaining quotes from multiple buyers can help you to get the maximum value out of your junk car.