Your RV is outfitted with multiple awnings that will provide shade and cover from the rain. You can never be sure when you'll need to unfurl them, so it's smart to ensure that they're always intact and that the metal rails they're attached to aren't broken or bent. You can also preserve them with these suggestions for care.

Clean Gently

You may realize the need to clean your awnings regularly, but you may be too excited about the task and unwittingly damage them. If you've got vinyl awnings, which are common, you may not understand that there is a finish on them which acts as a thin protection layer. When you brush too hard or use cleaners that are too strong or caustic, that finish can be destroyed and each awning is more likely to fade faster and ultimately fray or tear. Therefore, be aware of this as you clean and brush and wipe without too much force. Simple detergent or dish soap and lukewarm water should be sufficient for washing and rinsing.

Of course, remember to leave each awning fully extended for drying. Even if an awning seems only a little damp, know that mold can spread quickly and over time degrade the fabric. For that reason, you must be absolutely sure the awnings are dry before rolling them again.

Keep Awnings in Place

Much of the time, awnings, and their rails are damaged by wind-related issues. A strong wind could push an awning, bending or breaking the rails or ripping the awning fabric. Even soft breezes over time could compromise awnings as they slide along the fixed rails attached to your RV and become torn over time. That's why you've got to work on holding all the awnings in place.

The easiest way to keep awnings still is to get stabilizing kits for each one. With the anchors and ropes in every kit, awnings won't budge when they're extended.

Fix When Rainy

While your awnings may slope all the time, during heavy rain you may need to tilt one corner down even further. That's because you don't want any pooling. The weight could bend the rails that support each awning. Bent rails will then need to be fixed before you can properly take down or put up the piece. 

If you notice that one of your awning rails has been badly bent or you can see that there are tears in awning fabric, seek out RV repair shops. They'll handle whatever awning repairs you need and suggest other ways to properly maintain them and the other parts of your recreational vehicle. To learn more, visit a website like CLASSARVREPAIRS.COM