Just about everyone has been there at some point: You find yourself stranded in your vehicle either because of an accident or because the motor up and died on you. At times like this, a lot of motorists decide to call up their good buddy who has a truck and a chain to simply pull their vehicle back home, to a shop, or somewhere safe. It is true that there are vehicles out there that are large enough and capable enough to tow your vehicle, but this is definitely not the best idea. There are actually a handful of reasons why DIY towing is bad, and you should always rely on a professional towing service instead. 

You run the risk of damaging your vehicle. 

People who decide to tow their vehicle the old-fashioned way with a chain connected from the rear of one vehicle to the front of the other often don't understand just how much damage they can cause to the vehicle being towed. For one, the pressure of the chain pulling on the frame or undercarriage can cause warping, breakage, and significant damage. It is a much better idea to have your vehicle professionally towed, the way it is safe to do so, so you don't end up with a damaged car. 

You run the risk of causing an accident. 

Pulling a non-functional vehicle is a lot harder than it looks. There are variables in place that would not otherwise be an issue if you were simply driving. Even if you are behind the wheel of the vehicle being towed by a chain, the fact that it is not running can make steering almost impossible and braking almost non-existent. Not to mention, being the driver who is pulling the vehicle in tow bears great responsibility to not make any sudden moves, such as stopping too quickly or turning too sharp. The lack of experience could easily put you, the other driver, and other vehicles around you in danger. 

You run the risk of damaging the towing vehicle. 

It is easy to assume that a vehicle that is much larger than your own has the ability to successfully pull your own down the road. However, there are a lot more factors that go into determining if a vehicle is capable of towing another than mere size. For example, the undercarriage of the other vehicle may not be designed to handle the heft of pulling another vehicle, which can mean breakage is a real possibility and the other person's vehicle could end up with substantial damage. 

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