If you have much experience with owning a car, you know that issues with the transmission are one of the most feared problems with the consumer vehicle. They can cost thousands of dollars to fix. On the other hand, getting an auto check up every time you suspect transmission damage can add up. This article will discuss varying opinions on when to get your transmission looked at and whether it's possible to drive on a damaged transmission.

The Cautious Approach

The cautious mechanic would say that any suspected damage to the transmission should be treated as an emergency and a reason not to drive the car until you can get it looked at. The reasoning is that small transmission problems can be fixed fairly cheaply. If the car continues to be driven, the transmission might suffer an even bigger problem (one of the $3,000 issues, for instance, that would require a full replacement of the transmission). If you want to follow this cautious approach, it's a good idea to learn the signs of a damaged transmission, find a good auto transmission repair shop to work with, and have a good roadside service shop contracted to tow your vehicle to the shop so that you don't drive it at all when there is a suspected problem.

The Moderate Approach

The other approach is to safely get the transmission inspected at a shop and drive it there, unless there is a potentially dangerous transmission problem. This would usually be a transmission that is slipping into another gear as you drive, which is a problem because it means the car could handle erratically. If you are having startup transmission issues, such as a car that's hard to get into a different gear but stays there once achieved, your car may be safe to drive to the dealer.

The bottom line: many car experts will tell you not to drive whatsoever if you think you have a transmission issue. This is a fair assessment, especially if you have a good way to get your car towed to the shop. If you have simply suspected a transmission issue, you can use your best judgment about how dangerous or risky the situation is. Ensure that you follow your vehicle's service schedules so you stand a better chance of not having a transmission emergency. Be aware of your options for auto repair in your area so that you don't find yourself in a transmission repair emergency (or any other kind of vehicle emergency, for that matter). Contact a shop, like Terwood Auto Repair, for more help.