Do you work far away from your home? Perhaps you live in the suburbs and you work downtown. If that's the case you have probably already figured out how much money you spend on gasoline and on the wear and tear of your car. And maybe you have considered that your frazzled nerves from driving in crazy traffic is taking its toll on you, too. If you have to commute, then you might as well make the most of it. From picking the right carpool buddies to arranging for garage parking, here are some ideas that might make your commute to work a better one.

Your Carpool Buddies - What might be worse than spending lots of money and having frazzled nerves might be the fact that you have to ride with somebody who truly gets on your nerves. You can make your ride to work a far nicer one by carpooling with people you enjoy. For example, you might already know somebody who wants to learn French or Spanish. Ask those individuals if they would like to take turns driving to the downtown area while listening to French CDs. Of course, you might have to give and take a bit while still driving with people you enjoy. For example, if you love to listen to country music and your carpool pals love to listen to oldies, just take turns choosing the music you'll listen to.

Your Parking Choices - If you're lucky enough to work at a place that provides parking, then you're a very lucky individual. If you have to arrange for your own parking, then you'll be even happier that you decided to be part of a carpool. Consider finding a covered garage where your cars can be protected from the elements. Also, think about finding a garage that is monitored so that you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing thieves won't be breaking into your car. Private garage and lot parking might be more expensive than regular lot parking, but it might be some of the best money you'll spend. Think of paying a monthly fee at a garage that has a valet. That extra service might come in super handy if you're ever running late to work.

Consider setting up a printed calendar with everybody's turn to drive clearly stated. That will eliminate confusion as to when each person is supposed to drive.